Questionnaire about the equipments

Looking at setting up a Gym facility? Or a small setup at home?

We’ve got you covered.

Please give us some insights and let us discover together what will be your best options.

Let’s start here:

What is your need?

Understanding your requirements through our Insights Discovery Questionnaire.

Q1. What is your facility type?

CrossFit box, University, Professional sport, High school, Home gym, Government, Hotel, Commercial, other?


Q2. What is the size of your facility? Please give length/width/height measurements by cms.


Q3. How many participants will be using the facility at once?


Q4. In your opinion what is the Fitness level of the participants, example: Beginner/intermediate/advanced?


Q5. What are the Weights range that you want to have?


Q6. What is your preferred type of training or sport: lifestyle/ crossfit/ powerlifting/ strongman/ HIIT/ body building/ general training?


Q7. What is the existing floor made of? Example precast cement, steel beams covered with wooden sheets, etc.


Q8. Where do you propose to build your facility or home gym, example on the ground floor, mezzanine or higher floors?


Q9. Will your facility be for mixed genders or males only or females only?


Q10. Do you prefer to hold custom training programs?


After answering all the above questions, call us on (+973) 3646 4346 


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